Jumbo Elephant Ears

Jumbo Elephant Ears


At around the beginning of the year we spotted jumbo elephant ear bulbs at Walmart. Last year I bought an Elephant Ear and love it so much that I just had to try a jumbo.

Time line:

Feb 14, 2017:
Purchased and planted

March 17, 2017:

Plant 1 has reached 10cm (~4″).
Plant 2 has reached 1-2cm.. and didn’t come up where I expected it! I’m wondering if the bulb has two shoots… time will tell.

March 23, 2017:

Plant 1 has reached 24cm, that’s a bit over 2cm a day!
Plant 2 is showing a leaf and has reached 12cm, I still don’t know what the other *thing* is poking out of the dirt.. I see green so I’m still hoping another one pops out.

Also bring up the picture of plant 2 and notice the little water drop running down the stem… that water drop was coming out of the leaf about an hour ago. I haven’t done enough research yet but from what I understand it’s normal and ok for these guys.. even my normal EE does it. The roots are drawing up more water than the plant can handle so it’s simply getting rid of the water. It’s also a tropical plant and I imagine it could use a bit more humidity.

March 28, 2017:

Both have increased in height a tiny bit but seem to be working on a leaf now which is exciting. I’ll post a picture a few days from now as we should actually see a leaf unfurling from both!

April 08, 2017:
So in week and a half, *BOOM* we have ears! Hear you can even see that one of the plants (#2) is putting of a second leaf. I love how they unfurl.
I also decided to put my two little regular elephant ear pups next to the jumbo elephant ears. I’ve been skeptical ever since I cut them from the main plant ~1.5 months ago but they seem to be doing great.


April 25, 2017:
It’s been a little while since the last posting. As you can see both the jumbo elephant ears have made lots of progress.. one has 3 leaves and the other is working on a 3rd. I’m also impressed by the height of the stems, I believe they are already taller than my regular elephant ear plant. The second picture is my main regular elephant ear that the two babies came from. It was not doing well at all so I decided to chop it around 3 weeks ago. It’s slowly making a come back… I probably need to re-pot it with new soil.